The Blog

Thank you so much for coming to check out my blog!

Here you'l find stories about personal moments in my life, as a way of exploring our collective experience. Because I may know little, but I believe in something, and it's this: that those moments when we feel most alone; we actually have the most company. Those moments are some of the things I write about here, looking at themes like:

  • loneliness & connection;
  • the impermanence & preciousness of life;
  • the challenge & ultimate benefit of engaging with our emotions;
  • disassociation & the magic of coming back into our bodies. 


Because these are the themes closest to my heart and ones that I struggle, think about and engage with on a daily basis. And last of all, the one I find most challenging of all,(because it's so hard, and there're so many different variants and pot holes and delusions around it, but really, oh golly, what a magical world it would be if we all learnt to do it a little more: learning to trust ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean doing the work necessary, so that we learn to live in harmony with that primordial intelligence inside us all.


Occasionally, I share skills and techniques that are helpful to me. Which leads me to SPECIAL NOTE Number One!!  I do my darnest to share these things in a way that isn't preachy, but please please please, if you do come across something that has even a hair width of preachy about it: Revolt! Rebel! And most importantly: tell me about it. This blog ain't no pulpit, it's a place for you to come and read and hopefully have your heart touched and feel a sense of oh, yeah, listening to my heart, lets do it together. Because writing is a thing we do in isolation, but really we do it to reach out to others.

What else?

All I can say is that in the same way birdsong uplifts and touches my heart, may these pages bring you much joy and 

Thank you so much for reading,

Laura x