Fantoozles Trilogy: Part I

Fantoozles are extraordinary creatures. Their hair is every single colour you can think of and every single colour that exists. They’ve ears like butterfly wings and eyes that are brown and tiny. And they're faster then anyone on the land.

Fantoozles live in their Tatamalas: houses that dream, so that Fantoozles can dream.  And although no one knows what goes on in the dreams of Tatamalas, they are said to be quite wild.

Fantoozles loves their Tatamalas and when they come to build them, every single Fantoozle in Mahaboghi Land comes together to help.

There are diamond Tatamala’s, triangle Tatamala’s, spiral Tatamala's, Tatamala’s that look like pineapples and Tatamala’s that look like dinosaurs. There is also one that looks like a unicorn, whose horn points so far into the sky that when standing on the tip, it is said that you can see the whole world. 

Whilst building a new Tatamala the Fantoozles will sing and chant that one word for the entire period that it takes to complete it. Whether that be 3 weeks or 3 years. For when Fantoozles are building a Tatamala, the hours of the day are like ice on a rock, melting underneath the sun: they simply disappear.

“Tatamala, Tatamala, Tata-malatatamalatatamalatatamala.” And though they are tiny, Fantoozle voices can be as loud as the boom of an elephant. In fact they sing so loudly, it is as if every little blade of grass and every little leaf on every single tree seems to be booming along as well.As if this one word were the beat of their very hearts.


And of course that is exactly what their homes are to them: the beat of a Fantoozle heart. For when Fantoozles go to bed at night in order to sleep and dream, they can only do so because their Tatamalas are dreaming too. 

But something is amiss in Mahaboghi Land. The badly behaved, (oh he’s terribly behaved) Lord Heshley had made himself Prime Minister. And as one of his first acts as PM he's banned the Tatamala’s from dreaming.

“We are Fantoozles! We don’t need these dreams anymore!” His PMship has declared on his favourite radio station: PM FM.

“It’s so much better not to dream! All this looking inwards! What nonsense I say! Life is for enjoying! For celebrating! Not for getting distracted by things that don’t matter. So, instead, may I suggest that we just focus on making Mahabogi Land, the very best of all!” For this is his PMship’s No.1 favourite game: how to make Mahabogi Land 'The Very Best of all!'

“Things can always be better!” He says. “We need our sleep! Proper and deep. And nothing must intrude on that time.”

Now the only way to stop the Tatamalas from dreaming is to take away Tatamala Unicorn. So the Dancing Deer, his Lordiships bodyguards have banished her away and all across Mahaboghi Land the Tatamalas have stopped dreaming. Their rainbow hair has turned dull and blank, the colour of a gloomy day and their brown little eyes are bloodshot and grey. And even their butterfly wings hang loosely by their heads drooping like a willow trees leaves.

But even though all Fantoozles are under strict instructions never to mention their Tatamalas, things that are banished have a way of remaining in our minds, even if some would rather they didn’t. And so it is that if you listen carefully, you will hear whispers of hope dancing in the breeze amongst the golden leaves.


Whispers that are getting louder and louder....

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