Fantoozles Trilogy - The Final Part!

Tara and Jappa raced back to their Tatamala, their rainbow coloured hair soaring behind them.

“I can’t believe it Tara,” Jappa called as they sped through the forest.

“I can’t believe that we are going to bring our dreams back!”

The two friends looked at each other as they ran and then throwing their heads back simultaneously they let out a Fantoozle cry of delight: “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

 Things were looking up.


“Where have you been?” Asked Tara’s mother as Tara and Jappa appeared at the front door and just as they went to answer, Jappa’s parents appeared.

“There you are!” They called out in relief.

“Mum, Dad, guess what’s going to happen!” Jappa rushed to his parents with excitement.

“We’re going to get in trouble with the dancing deer, that’s what’s going to happen.” His father replied, Jappa stopped confused.

“PM Heshly has called another meeting!" Jappa’s father explained. “And we’re late!” He said ushering the two young Fantoozles away from their Tatamala and towards the meeting place.

“They haven’t even noticed our hair!” Tara whispered to Jappa which compared to their parents and every other Fantoozle was glistening every single colour that exists and every single colour that you can think of.

But Jappa looked worried.

“This isn’t what we planned Tara. This is happening too quickly.” Tara reached out her paw to hold onto Jappa’s.

“I know it is…  but it’s going to work out Jappa. I can just feel it.” Her eyes sparkled and her butterfly ears flapped gently.

“Hurry up you two!” Called Tara’s father as he appeared beside them.

“Papa!” Tara called out with delight. Rushing up to him to give him a big toozle and he bent down hugging his daughter tenderly. Trying to hide the worry in his heart and the shadows underneath his eyes.

Then they off they rushed to see what the meeting was about.


Everyone gathered at the bottom of the mound and looked up to where the dancing deer stood in a circle surrounding PM Heshly.

“Fantoozles!” Called out the PM. “Are you ready to make Mahaboghi Land the very best of all?” Tara and Jappa looked at one another. And though their mouths stayed still, their eyes spoke to each other clearly: the time was now.

 “Noooooooo!” They yelled loudly in the direction of the dancing deer.

One Fantoozle close by collapsed in shock. Others, including Tara and Jappa’s parents opened their mouths in horror, shaking their heads with frightened eyes at their children.

Why were they saying no? Say yes! 

There was a splutter from the loudspeaker.

“No!” Called out Tara and Jappa again, this time a bit louder. And then stamping their feet and yelling “No! No! No! No! No! No!” they made their way towards the hill and the dancing deer.

The other Fantoozles watched in shock, unable to move. Whilst the dancing deer leapt from foot to foot, increasingly agitated as if the earth were made of fire. And yet... they didn't seem to be able to speak back.

Moving quickly, it didn't take long before Tara and Jappa were in front of the deer. And even though their  their hearts were pounding like Dandandas, they let out one more "No," this time saying it slowly, clearly and in a manner that let the dancing deer know: they meant business.

The dancing deer squealed with terror. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" What was this no word? They didn't know, but what they did know was that they didn't want to stick around and find out!

And what a sight! Hundreds of deer sprinting into the distance, their ears flattened in the wind, as they ran towards the Nihili Desert - a place no one wants to go. Especially a Fantoozle.

 “But where is the Prime Minister?” Called out the Fantoozles, pointing to the mound. For apart from a microphone lying on the floor, there was no sign of him.

Seeing this Tara and Jappa looked at each other.

 “It was true! It was true!” They called out, dancing and jumping about.

‘What was true?" The other Fantoozles asked, a longing in them filling their chests: the young Fantoozles were having fun!

Tara picked up the microphone.

“PM Heshly doesn’t exist! He only exists if we think he exists. Otherwise he’s nothing at all!” The Fantoozles repeated this amongst themselves: “He only exists, if we think he exists. Otherwise he's nothing at all!"

 “Oh what are we like...” Tara’s father threw his head in his hands red faced. Tara’s mother grimaced too. But it was a grimace that couldn't resist a smile, for everyone had been unhappy for too long. Now was the time to celebrate!

And it kept getting better and better, for the next moment zillions of dreams soared through the sky, making their way back to their Tatamalas...

...and behind them in the trees, zoomed hundreds of Tree Fantoozles, leaping from branch to branch, eager to celebrate with the Ground Fantoozles. In fact there were so many leaping through the air, that the dark green ebony trees looked smudged and blurry.


After the children Fantoozles had rushed off to bed in order to sleep and dream with their Tatamalas, the grown-ups stayed up and danced and sang and toozled, loving an excuse for an all night rave and party. Mahaboghi Land: the home of the Supreme Enjoyers was back.


The following morning, all across Mahaboghi Land Fantoozle families sat in their Tatamalas drinking hot tea and eating hot sumpa leaves whilst talking about their dreams of the previous night.

And in her Tatamala that looked like an oak tree, surrounded by the Remaladala flowers Tara and Jappa sat together with their families as if they were all and the same.


“And what did you dream about Tara?” Asked her father to his courageous young daughter.

“I dreamt of a parrot called Harald. And of the sparkling sun.” And a tear fell from the eye of her mother. And a sunbeam soared through the sky.


No one ever saw the dancing deer again. It is said that when they arrived at the Nihili Desert they forgot who they were and why they ran. And so on they run, the memory of a no said clearly haunting their ears evermore.

As far as PM Heshly is concerned, it certainly seems true that he never existed. And yet somewhere out there quite possibly he does: for you to discover - if you’d like to...

Though Fantoozles - they know what they prefer. For tooziling time and dreaming time, are really as good as it gets!