Let It Go: Advice From My Daughter

I spend a lot of time either listening to or watching Disney's Frozen - most of the time along with my daughter Eve. I actually love this film and have been learning a bit about letting go and throwing the net open on the roles we take on in our lives and here is my post about that... Let It Go

I have just watched Disney’s Frozen for the 48th, possible 58th time.

Eve adores it.

“Let it go!” She sings, her arms out wide as she runs around in the park.

“Let it go!” She sings as she runs up to me as I sit at my computer stressing out about my to do list.

“Let it go!” She sings as she sits in her pram and we toddle along the streets to wherever we may be going.

And then when not singing or actually watching Frozen she seems to have abandoned anything she was interested in before to develop her skills as a highly dedicated and committed grafitti artist. Her canvas? Every orifice of our home. As well as the sandpit, dirt patches in the park and if we’re lucky, the occasional piece of paper.

These Roles Were Made For Dissolving

I tried showing Eve The Little Mermaid this week but that got quickly vetoed – “let it go” Eve said. And so I did and on went Princess Elsa.

But watching just those few moments of Little Mermaid before it got vetoed, it was so interesting to see the difference in the two films. Not in graphics but in the nature of the characters.

Back in the 20th century Disney films were all about the baddies and the goodies. With Frozen the real challenge comes not from some wicked evil character but from Elsa herself. Will she be the “the monster” everyone expects her to be once her powers are unwittingly revealed? Or will she find a way to integrate her powers, ones that she was born with, without having to lock them away and be the good girl she “always has to be?”


Lobbing The Gold Away

And then I saw another version of sisterly dynamics at The Tricycle Theatre this week when a beautiful friend took me to see The Colby Sisters in Kilburn. Five sisters all thrashing out their existence on this planet within the confines of the roles that each of them have foisted on the other. Whether that be the good girl, the strong girl, the slutty girl, the girl who always needs help girl. Or it could go the other way, the wonderful girl who has everything together and everything she wants girl. But then I bet if someone were to ask Beyonce or Nigella - hey did you enjoy everyone thinking your life was perfect before stories in the press started hinting otherwise, just a tiny part of them might be able to feel if not say, you know what it's a frickin' relief not having to play the perfect role anymore.

These roles we play. What a load of baloney. They are so restricting! And the thing about life is that it may be many things - but in its essence it just ain't restricting. It's us humans who do the restricting. Because life in its essence is wild and unfolding and dynamic. And until we can we trust ourselves to be wild and unfolding and dynamic we are forever going to be trying to make what is dynamic static, what is liberating wrong.

Just yesterday Ben and I were struggling with some fears we both have about getting married and chatting with a friend over Skype who we had asked to speak to for some help navigating some dark and stormy waters. Turns out we don’t have to be that dark!

"Can you be courageous and aware enough to introduce humour and lightness to the situation?" our friend asked us. What a game changing comment! Ben and I looked at each other and relaxed.

"Yes, we'd like that."

Anyway, this is a song we're singing at home.

And this is me, throwing the net open... x