A Trolls First Kiss - a short story

Bobo has a very big nose. It is so huge that all the other trolls find it hard to talk to him because they can't stop staring at it. But there is one troll who loves Bobo's nose: his mother. In fact Sheila thinks it is an incredibly important nose. Now Sheila is a very practical troll who runs the family cleaning business.

"Come here Bobo," she would command when he was a young troll. And Bobo wold shuffle over to his mother. "Stand tall," she would say and then she would hang one end of the washing line onto his nose and the other to a branch of a tree. For trolls are large and trolls are strong and Bobo's extra strength meant that she could get more clothes dried quicker - at less expense.

But Bobo was now a bigger troll and was fed up of being used as a clothes troll.

"Come here Bobo," his mother called to him one day. Bobo looked away, trying to look as if he were engaged in a most important task. "Bobooooooww," his mother called, her voice taking on that obey me or else edge to it that always made Bobo feel just a  little bit scared. "I know you can hear me, I need you." Bobo breathed in, exhaling slowly then pushed himself up and walked over to his mother. "Mother I am not going to do this anymore, here," he said taking the line from his mothers clutch and then dropping it on the edge of the nearest tree. And then turning, he wondered off feeling jubilant as his mother watched her son walking away. A soaking wet ball gown dripping from her arms, a look quite unfamiliar stretched across her face.

Will You Kiss Me? Bobo walked down the road feeling ecstatic. He'd done it! He'd stood up to his mother! He looked around desperately wanting to celebrate with someone. "Geena!" He cried running towards someone he vaguely knew. "Bobo, is that you?" He looked so handsome! So strong! Why had she never noticed this before? "It is!" And then reaching out he picked Geena up and twirled her around. Geena laughed with glee. Then placing her down Bobo was overcome with a desire to kiss her. Geena was looking at him open-faced and welcoming and he felt different to how he had ever felt before. What was this feeling? He brought his face to Geena's. Geena brought her face to Bobo. "Owh!" Geena cried rubbing her forehead. "Your nose Bobo, it hurt me." Bobo stopped horrified. He didn't know what to say. He tried again and again Geena let out an owh. "I don't think this going to work Bobo." She said quietly. Bobo felt so sad. And then turning he walked off wondering if he should go home and see his mother. She would know what to do. But just as he was about to turn back he spied another beautiful troll ahead, Sandra.

Bobo ran to Sandra convinced this time he would get it right. Sandra looked at Bobo running. He looks different she thought. He swung her to the side in a romantic sweep but it was not to be. Ba-Ding! Bobo's nose banged her face. Sandra looked at Bobo and Bobo looked at the ground. "I'm so sorry," he mumbled before shuffling off. Was there anyone he could kiss?

Shooting Stars Later that day as the sun was setting Bobo headed for the rocks by the sea. He had tried kissing other girls but all to the same effect. Maybe I'm just not cut out for kissing he thought to himself. And as the sun slipped behind the horizon of the ocean Bobo dropped his head in his hands feeling helpless.

"Look Bobo, a shooting star." Said the sweetest voice Bobo had ever heard. Bobo looked up quickly, his nose pointing upwards at the sky. And at that moment he felt a warm soft pair of lips give him the gentlest kiss he had ever known.

What a wonderful feeling! And he inhaled and smelt that familiar scent - it was Gwen! The troll who lived right next door. Why had he never noticed her before? Ah, it didn't matter. And then reaching out with one hand he wrapped his arm around this beautiful woman troll and with the other he grabbed hold of the shooting star soaring above them so that they shot across the skies, the adventures of the unknown calling to them on the wind.

And that is how a troll called Bobo received his first kiss.